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About Us

Maribeso Papillons is a collaboration between two good friends, Shana and Carla, who share a love of all animals and particularly the Papillon. While this site is primarily about our dogs, their extended family also includes cats and various species of parrot, whom you will meet as well.
     We reside along the beautiful shores of Nova Scotia, Canada. Our dogs enjoy nice long walks through the countryside or romps on the many beaches that surround our home. They live their lives as our much loved companions and are not just show dogs. They reside in our home and sleep in our beds.
    We enjoy attending conformation shows both in Canada and the United States and our dogs have done quite well in the rings in both CKC and AKC.​
    We are members in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), the Papillon Club of Canada (PapCanada), the Dartmouth Kennel Club and the East Coast Gazehound Club. Our kennel is CKC registered as is all of our dogs.  Most are also AKC registered. We strive to breed to the CKC standards of our chosen breeds with an emphasis on health and temperament. We attend puppy, obedience and various other training classes with our dogs.​​​​ All of our dogs in our breeding program are health tested clear (Eyes, knees, and heart) prior to being bred.
  We enjoy getting to know others who share our love for these beautiful creatures and learning from others knowledge. We have been blessed with meeting many amazing people both those that have obtained companion pups from us and people in our dog fancy.
We would gladly chat with anyone who wishes to discuss our dogs, the breeds, and showing!

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